Beauty & Medical Permanent Make - up

With permanent makeup we create eyebrows - lips - eyeliner, camouflage, head tattoo, paramedic tattoos, nipple camouflage and mammalian halo. Long-lasting result in time.


Shape in eyebrows to correct the already existing, giving an upward look. To fill voids and create a completely new eyebrow where there is no (alopecia). We correct or create a new eyebrow shape taking into account the person's belts and the individual characteristics of each client. Always predate the allergy test.


We emphasize the contour, correct the shape, give volume and color. Beginning we create the shape with a simple pencil so that it satisfies us and if the customer agrees we proceed to the application. Our pigments comply with all legal requirements.

An allergy test is required before each application.

Correction of Hidden Head Image

Paramedical method of micro-coloring and correction of natural hair baldness. It is aimed at men and women with partial or total alopecia, in any form of dilution: baldness or rounded alopecia, surgical scars, androgenic alopecia, after chemotherapy. Trichopigmentation image recovery method. Applied with impressive results from the very first session.

It gives solutions in all cases of hair dilation. It gives a uniform image throughout the head creating virtual hair follicles. It is completed in 3 visits over a month. The colors are chosen according to the natural color of the individual. It is indicated for men and women.

Technical Thickening

Recommended for cases with thinning or hair loss. It also accompanies incidents after hair transplantation. Techniques on the head.

- Shave head effect

- Density effect

- Scarcover - scarring

- Hair line - contour

Technical Shaved Head

Total 3 visits. The application time depends on where we want to cover. Starts from 2 hours the shorter area is up to 6 hours or longer, with 2 repetitions.


The technique that covers scars - scars - vitiligo - postoperative scars - dyschromias - stretch marks - correction of failed eyebrows. Smoothes color differences. Restore the skin color for a uniform image.


Process time ½ - 1 hour 3 visits.


Paramedical tattoo with a permanent and extremely safe nipple and nipple effect. Especially certified colors with the help of special needles and tattoo styling create the color image we want. It is the only way to color the nipple painlessly and directly.

Anesthetic cream is used before application. It ends in two visits. Colors at the beginning are darker and open in the first two weeks.

The iteration is done in the month. Repeat after 3-4 years.

Teaching Seminars

Technical lessons are delivered to graduate aesthetics Skin micro-staining achieved with microwells and dermograph. With the microwells, we apply dye to the skin until the desired effect is achieved.