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DespinaÂ’s continuous professional presence in Cosmetology and Weight Loss since 1980, and BabisÂ’ since 1992 has helped them notice the gap existing in the services provided by the classic beauty salon and Cosmetic Surgery. This very gap is filled by Anassa, being its area of expertise.

The ownersÂ’ great affection towards the classic values conceived, developed and spread from Ancient Greece to the rest of the world, inevitably led them to establish, with much care, the first Anassa in the province of Pella, in September 2000, in privately owned premises.

In Thessaloniki a second Anassa has been established, privately owned as well and totally in tune with this hospitable and beautiful town, the ownersÂ’ hometown

The ownersÂ’ daughters, Maria (a cosmetology student) and Nikoleta (still at school but already showing signs of her motherÂ’s dedication), will add their energy and efforts to the responsible and creative contribution of their co- workers , so that by 2010 new Anassa branches will be operational, one in Attica, one in the Peloponnese and two in other European countries.

NECESSITY, CREATION, CONTRIBUTION are the three fundamental concepts that constantly enrich the services provided by Anassa. These services are divided into two sectors: The Face Sector and the Body Sector. There is also the Cosmetics Distribution Sector and the Marketing and Research Department, which is the means of communication with the entire world (literally); it takes into consideration the contemporary personÂ’s needs and finds innovative ways of meeting them, as well as supervise and assess the careful and responsible execution of all regimes of all sectors.

At both Anassa branches the services, the regimes, the rules of operation and definitely the hospitality are provided exactly in the same way, and at the same cost.

A service providing oriented unit has the obligation to be an active participant in the social life of the place where it is operating. It is easy to observe the first interventions in the local society of the Pella Province.

The Marketing and Research Department is working on the final stage of an ambitious plan, which is to make known throughout the world the landmarks of the province of Pella, and to invite people to visit and get to know them, while enjoying many organized events under the complete care and responsibility of the local Anassa. Would there be an active person who feels himself/herself as a citizen of the world, who would not desire a perfect physical condition, a strong esthetic appearance, the encounter with significant places that changed the history of our world, and, most definitely, with the places that preserve the heritage and traditions of the country he/she is visiting?

The reader of this page can easily understand the final goal that the owners of Anassa have set. We only hope that we, our assistants, our children and our childrenÂ’s children will always be able to provide you with what has been our objective in life: high-standard services in a strong esthetic presence and a physical condition full of energy, with the outmost respect to the history and the traditions of the country that we develop in.

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